Snow makes ancient Rome into Winter Wonderland

Feb­ru­ary 3 and 4, 2012 have been really spe­cial days.  After the snow­fall in 2010, I didn’t think we’d get so lucky with a real dump again so soon.  Sure, it made life a bit tricky with the traf­fic but liv­ing in the cen­ter I was able to enjoy our loca­tion to the utmost and get around with­out a real commute.

Never one to shirk view­ing ancient Rome, I was able to look out onto Campo de’ Fiori then  pop up to the Gian­i­colo for a glimpse as the snow came down on the 3rd and then over to the Pan­theon, though poorly dressed. Feet and hands numb — took a while to get warmed up and dry.


Sat­ur­day was another mat­ter, as we dug out every pair of snow pants and mit­tens and hats.  My wife even clev­erly reminded us to wrap plas­tic bags around our double-socked feet inside our boots to keep them dry.  It worked.

We trudged to Largo Argentina,  the Vit­to­ri­ano, made snow­man #1, then up the Campi­doglio with views of the cen­tro and Forum– my favorite view in the city, I’d say.

Then, down to the Via Fori Impe­ri­ali, snow­man #2, a hor­rific view of  pigeons nes­tled in holes that rid­dle the fire­wall of the Forum of Augus­tus (!!!), over to a hot choco­late stop at Massen­zio, then to the Colos­seum, Arch of Constantine.

Finally, to some sled­ding in the Cir­cus Max­imus (the main objec­tive of the walk for my 10 yr old– it’s what kept her going), and to the Forum Boar­ium, past the Tiber Island, and back home, by Campo de’ Fiori.
Full day, full stop.  Not sure what tomor­row will bring– fever or more sledding?

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7 Responses to Snow makes ancient Rome into Winter Wonderland

  1. I’ve seen pho­tos of all these places dozens of times, but none with snow! It’s a whole new view.

    I would LOVE to sled in the Cir­cus Maximus.

  2. Awe­some– love see­ing the Forum in Snow. Imag­ine what it would have looked like back then– fires burn­ing, snow on mar­ble floors, reflec­tions every­where. Magic!

  3. Of Snow and Snowmen « American Institute for Roman Culture

  4. Mehercule! Credo vias, aed­i­fi­cia stat­u­asque Urbis Aeter­nae nunc nive inun­datas esse, dum hic in Cale­do­mia solum apices mon­tium similiter tecti sunt. Potesne ad me non­nul­las pho­tographias mit­tere?
    Heri glad­i­a­tores rug­beienses Ital­iae ferociter con­tra Gal­los pug­naverunt sed ultime superati sunt; simul­ter, eheu! Cale­doni ab Anglis victi sunt. Martem Ultorem pre­ca­bor ut in prox­imis proeliis has clades ulciscatur.



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