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Living History in Rome day by day

Liv­ing in Rome has proved to be an excit­ing adven­ture over the past 20 years, more inter­est­ing than I could have imag­ined.  (And way more inter­est­ing than what appears on real­ity TV– House Hunters– how­ever enter­tain­ing that was). Now, as… Con­tinue read­ing

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Vestal Virgins’ home restored to the Roman Forum

This past Thurs­day, I was quite delighted to attend the inau­gural re-opening of the Atrium Ves­tae, bet­ter known as the Vestal Vir­gins’ home, next to the Tem­ple of Vesta and just below the impres­sive pala­tial remains of the Pala­tine, fac­ing… Con­tinue read­ing

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Hey Virgil, Thanks for the snow

It doesn’t hap­pen very often– and I swore I’d eter­nally regret miss­ing when it next hap­pened– snow in Rome. And, as lady luck would have it (ahem, For­tuna was the sub­ject of my dis­ser­ta­tion, so we go way back) it… Con­tinue read­ing

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