From what I hear, on Ancients Behaving Badly, heads are rolling. Apparently, its bloodbath in manga. I haven’t seen the final product but I will admit that when I saw some of the graphic renderings, I immediately thought that this was not something for my kids (under 8). The truth is the world was and is a brutal place. And in Julius Caesar’s day, the Romans were truly unstoppable on the battlefield.

Caesar took things to a new level, as he was driven to bring his family back to glory. Front and center was his role on the world stage.

Still today, his presence is felt in Rome on a daily basis– from the spot of his assassination by the tram depot at Largo Argentin to the Forum of Caesar,and his Curia in the Roman Forum (rebuilt in the late third century AD). This summer I examined some of his haunts in the Forum, the Palatine and the Campus Martius and discussed one of the most complex characters in world history. One of the most stirring places for me is to gaze at the eastern and western ends of the forum– where you have the remains of the rostra (speaker’s platform), where his body was displayed, and the Temple of divinized Caesar on the other end.

What I also find stirring is how active the Caesar legacy is in today’s pop culture. From salad dressings (I know it’s Mexican) to casinos, we can’t get enough of the self-declared god.
Here are my top five Caesars from last to first:
All hail Caesar!