Visually as stunning and rarely seen is Ostia Antica in snow.  I must confess that I wasn’t present for it, December 17, 2010.  Colleagues from our AIRC Ostia Antica excavation (led by University of Bologna) went out in the morning to check on the dig site, by Porta Marina.  I saw Alberto Prieto, who is one of our top archaeologists, and who led the AIRC group this summer, with the Bologna crowd, before he set out for Ostia. Given the temperature that morning, around 30 degrees, I suggested that he wait til Monday- but he’s tough and not one to procrastinate– he’s really one of my heroes!  At any rate, as I continued on in a budget meeting in Rome, I noted it was snowing- wondering about Ostia.  Then I got an SMS from Alberto- it was snowing in Ostia.   Needless to say, he was not able to do the work he had set out to do- but as we both agreed from our unique experience in the Roman Forum last year, the inconvenience of snow in Rome and Ostia Antica are well worth it.

December 17, 2010