February 3 and 4, 2012 have been really special days.  After the snowfall in 2010, I didn’t think we’d get so lucky with a real dump again so soon.  Sure, it made life a bit tricky with the traffic but living in the center I was able to enjoy our location to the utmost and get around without a real commute.

Never one to shirk viewing ancient Rome, I was able to look out onto Campo de’ Fiori then  pop up to the Gianicolo for a glimpse as the snow came down on the 3rd and then over to the Pantheon, though poorly dressed. Feet and hands numb – took a while to get warmed up and dry.


Saturday was another matter, as we dug out every pair of snow pants and mittens and hats.  My wife even cleverly reminded us to wrap plastic bags around our double-socked feet inside our boots to keep them dry.  It worked.

We trudged to Largo Argentina,  the Vittoriano, made snowman #1, then up the Campidoglio with views of the centro and Forum- my favorite view in the city, I’d say.

Then, down to the Via Fori Imperiali, snowman #2, a horrific view of  pigeons nestled in holes that riddle the firewall of the Forum of Augustus (!!!), over to a hot chocolate stop at Massenzio, then to the Colosseum, Arch of Constantine.

Finally, to some sledding in the Circus Maximus (the main objective of the walk for my 10 yr old- it’s what kept her going), and to the Forum Boarium, past the Tiber Island, and back home, by Campo de’ Fiori.
Full day, full stop.  Not sure what tomorrow will bring- fever or more sledding?