If you study your history, you’ll know that Rome has suffered ups and downs: fires, floods, earthquakes, sackings! But in more recent times, the upswing in Roman city administrations leading up to the time of the Julibeo celebration in 2000 is long gone. Now it’s a long, hard road ahead, with the past mayors (and current Mayor Virigina Raggi) under siege and so many things not right (public transportation, garbage service, visible signs of corruption in the workings of the city).  But is Rome actually in ruins?  Darius takes the long view (with a focus on archaeology, the sites and museums of Rome) as he talks with journalist and travel writer Erica Firpo (Italian and American) who writes about lifestyle and contemporary culture. As long-time Rome residents they take a look at the recent (December 28, 2018) New York Times article by journalist Jason Horowitz and give their two cents’ worth on the state of Rome today.  Surely a worthy topic on the Eternal City that merits a future discussion.  

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