Darius, here shooting History Channel's  Ancients Behaving Badly .

Darius, here shooting History Channel’s Ancients Behaving Badly.

Information about Darius’ recent projects can be found on his IMDB Profile. In addition, please find detailed below his complete list of documentaries, over 45 appearances.  For inquiries, please contact dariusaarya(AT)

Under Italy (Rai5), host and narrator, 8 episodes, in Italian, fall 2016

Pompeii (Sky Italia), presenter, Fall 2016

Barbarians Rising (History Channel), presenter, June 2016.

Metropolis: Rome (Travel Channel), presenter, June, 2015.

CNN’s Finding Jesus: Faith, Fact, Forgery, March 2015

Ancient Impossible, presenter  (H2, Wild Dream Production), filmed in France, Italy, Turkey, Israel.  March 2014.

Rome, world’s first superpower, with Larry Lamb (Channel 4 UK, 360 production), two episodes, Fall 2014.

Time Scanners: Colosseum, presenter, National Geographic (Atlantic Productions) March 2014

Archaeology of Christianity (Tiberius), presenter for show with Simcha Jacobovici 2014

The Splendours of Ancient 3-D feature film, presenter, Educational Broadcasting System EBS (South Korea) May 2013

Caligula: 1400 Days of TerrorpresenterHistory Channel (North-South productions)l, October 2012

When Rome Ruled  presenter, four episodes, National Geographic (Atlantic Productions), January 2011

Forgotten Planet (Balestrina) Life after people,  History Channel, Fall 2011

Gladiators, back from the dead, presenter, National Geographic (October Films), spring 2011

Ancients Behaving Badly, host, eight episodes, History Channel (Blink Films) fall 2010

Gladiators, presenter. Josh Bernstein into the Unknown, Discovery Channel, fall 2010

The Mystery of the Roman Catacombs, host, Discovery Channel (Bellweather Media), Fall 2009

Rome: Megastructures and Underground Cities: Rome, expert, History Channel, spring 2007

Hidden Worlds, host, National Geographic (Subterra Productions) February 2009

Rome: Engineering an Empire, expert, History Channel (KPI Productions), 2005

Online video podcasts:

Ancient Rome Live

Huffington Post: Pantheon, Saving the Colosseum

Khan Academy and Smarthistory, 2014: Digging through Time, Basilica of Maxentius

Ostia Antica, Rome’s Mirror (AIRC-NEU production)

FastiONLINE videos (AIRC production)