Daria Arya Digs (YouTube)

Join Darius for his edutainment channel, as he explores Rome and Empire.  From the Pantheon Pentecost rose petals to underground exploration of Italy. From the Medici Villas of Tuscany to sampling some of Rome’s best pasta.  It’s always an engaging adventure of history and living culture!  Subscribe today! (do you want the link with in the “Subscribe today!” text or the domain showing, like: youtube.com/dariusarya

Learn about Ancient Rome and Empire

American Institute for Roman Culture: Darius directs the US non profit American Institute for Roman Culture and is the creator the online learning platform Ancient Rome Live.  You can follow Darius along his on site adventures on ancientromelive.org and subscribe to the YouTube channel: YouTube.com/WeDigRome.

Live Seminars

Join Darius throughout the year for his free weekly webinars, part of Ancient Rome Live.  Darius brings you various aspects of Rome and Empire from inside the studio and on location.  Sign up to stay to date! ancientromelive.org

TV Shows

Darius has appeared in more than 50 episodes (IMDB).  Recently he was host for PBS’ Ancient Invisible Cities, and he hosted 2 seasons for Italian RAI5: Under Italy.  You can watch his reels: US (password Arya2020) and Italian (password UnderItaly2018)