Italian wines are famous, but how much do you really know about them?  Darius certainly loves Italian wine, but craves to learn more about them and their history.  So, he sits down with sommelier Sarah May Grunwald ( to talk about the wonderful wines produced in the region of Lazio in the charming setting of Massimo’s L’ANGOLO DIVINO wine bar/ enoteca in the heart of Rome, at Via Dei Balestrari 12, around the corner from Campo de’ Fiori.  It’s a talk on the history of winemaking in Lazio (and what’s new, as the Lazio wines come into their town) as well as the history of Lazio itself, back to the ancient Romans and their archaeology.  So, listen to Sarah May’s words of wisdom (with astute contributions also from Massimo) as she and Darius drink their way through a variety of wines from a truly undervalued region of Italy.  Darius looks forward to drinking through more of Italy with Sarah May, and we’re sure you’ll agree! 

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