Darius sits down at a local cafe in Rome with Daisy de Plume, creator of “That Muse” (THATmuse.com “treasure hunt at the museum”) an innovative company that engages visitors in Paris (d’Orsay, Louvre, streets of Paris), London (British Museum, Victoria and Albert, and more), with an eye on Rome, where she once studied art history. Darius and Daisy discuss the common features that may hinder a magical experience at the museum with the family.  Her unique solution, creating fun, rivalry, competition and exploration, has been a hit for families, friends, and corporate gatherings. all in the name of learning about the past is exactly what Darius wants to see more of in Rome, away from the most crowded, overloaded sites and distinct from the mass-tourism experience that so many are bogged down with.  Can Darius and Daisy find some unique Roman solutions as they gaze down into the cat sanctuary at Largo Argentina?  A casual conversation from an archaeologist and a museum expert that may lead to some future collaboration in Rome. 

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