Darius kicks off his new podcast with a walk through his dynamic, historic neighborhood, in the heart of Rome.  From the moment he walks down his apartment steps, through the courtyard gate, dropping off the trash, and clicking the front door of his building open, he introduces you intimately to his city: Travel to Campo de’ Fiori, Piazza Farnese, Largo Argentina.  And he takes you into local shops and markets, for vegetables at the banco stand in Campo, the butcher shop, his scooter mechanic, and some bread at Roscioli’s, all the time indicating the historic sites of ancient Rome, like the outlines of the late Republican Theater of Pompey and adjacent porticoes, over 2000 years old. He concludes at the site of Julius Caesar’s assassination in the Curia (senate house) that Pompey had built.  It’s now mostly underneath Darius’ local bus stop!  Welcome to his Rome, as the first stop of many in situ! 

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