Episode 8

Pssst. Want to Buy a Historic House for 1 Euro? Exploring Sambuca di Sicilia!

Feb 12, 2019

Rome & Empire with Darius Arya Digs

About This Episode

On January 17, 2019, millions of people around the world learned about the small historic town of Sambuca di Sicilia through viral news coverage of its offer to sell historic homes for one euro. The city received 100,000 email requests, and Darius was among the many interested in a visit. In particular, he wanted to focus on the issues of heritage preservation for the town, already known to Italians after winning the award best borgo (small town) in Italy in 2016.

After making contact with the city mayor Leonard Ciaccio, Darius flew down to Palermo and drove 100 kilometers to the historic center of Sambuca di Sicilia where he was able to tour many of the houses (with a crowd of individuals from around the globe, arriving daily!) and speak with the mayor and his staff. It’s an unforgettable flashpoint to talk about heritage preservation, Sicilian history and archaeology (nearby Punic- Greek Monte Adranone). And of course, the wine and food!