Episode 3


Jan 6, 2019

Rome and Empire with Darius Arya Digs

About This Episode

Join Darius with his friend, tour guide and all-around Rome expert Ettore Bellardini in the Roman Forum for a walk around the Temple of Saturn, on the occasion of the end of year celebration from December 17-23. For an intimate look at Roman religion, archaeology, art, and history. At the end of December, walk with them as they recall the events surrounding the very popular cult and year-end festivities that eventually gave way to the Christmas holidays (that freely borrowed the merrymaking- eating, drinking wine, and gift exchange from the Saturnalia).

There are so many ways we now reflect and recall the events of the past year and celebrate the good and bad. Join Darius and Ettore as they help usher out the previous year and look forward to an amazing 2019! The new year has just begun and we’re already in situ throughout Rome, ancient and contemporary.